Stewardship Program

The Stewardship Committee oversees the activities of dozens of dedicated property monitors.  Every year, these volunteers brave the cold, wind, rain, mud, bugs, or blazing sun to ensure that the properties entrusted to our care remain pristine.

Sakonnet Preservation is committed to upholding its legal and community obligations in order to preserve each and every conservation easement it accepts.  The Association monitors each of its conserved properties annually.

Conservation easements are given in perpetuity, and our organization pledges to monitor, defend, and enforce the conservation terms in a consistent and timely manner.  This is the promise that Sakonnet Preservation makes to each and every donor or land owner.

Pursuant to the national Land Trust Alliance’s standards and accepted land trust practices awarded to Sakonnet Preservation in 2011 & renewed in 2016, we shall monitor each of our conservation easement properties at least once each year in order to strengthen the relationship with the landowner, ascertain changes in land ownership and ensure enforcement of the easement’s terms. Effective property monitoring is required to uncover possible easement violations in order to initiate solutions, undertake enforcement actions and establish a record for possible legal action. Sakonnet Preservation keeps all appropriate documentation such as reports, updated photographs and maps of each monitoring activity.





Monitoring the Land:

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