How can I get more information to determine whether or not I want to conserve my property?

Sakonnet Preservation Association (SPA) has books, booklets, and pamphlets that outline conservation options as well as SPA’s policies and procedures for donating property. Call 635-8800 or send an email to the office at (info@sakonnetpreservation.org).
In addition, log onto the Land Trust Alliance website (www.lta.org) where detailed information pertaining to conservation is available for land trusts around the country. SPA is a member organization of the LTA.

Would Sakonnet Preservation Association be interested in buying my land?

Typically SPA receives either conservation easements or a property gifted by donation. Occasionally SPA purchases land, but it is unusual.

Are there tax benefits for putting a conservation easement on my property?

Yes, please consult with a tax advisor about the potential tax benefits of conserving your land. The Land Trust Alliance (LTA) website (www.lta.org) outlines the most current federal tax incentives for conservation easements. More information can be found at Internal Revenue Code § 170(h) Qualified Conservation Contribution, (www.irs.gov), and IRS Form 8283 Noncash Charitable Contributions, (www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8283.pdf).

How will conserving my property affect my local property tax?

Consult with the Little Compton Board of Assessors Office at the Little Compton Town Hall (www.little-compton.com). That office in the Little Compton Town Hall can be reached by calling: 635-4509.

What is “stewardship”?

Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of a conservation easement or land entrusted to our organization’s care. SPA’s Stewardship ensures that each property held, either as a conservation easement or as a property donated outright, is visited every year. Monitors check for any encroachment or damage to a property’s conservation values. Stewarding the properties we own may additionally involve such maintenance responsibilities as keeping fields open by mowing to protect habitat or historic uses, working to reduce invasive species, and removing litter.

What is stewardship “in perpetuity”?

SPA takes on the responsibility, when it accepts a conservation easement or a gift of property for conservation, to steward and protect its conservation values forever.