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LTA Rally – National Land Conservation Conference – 30th Year!
OCTOBER 26-28, 2017 • DENVER, CO – Click here

Past Events…


2017 – SPA Annual Meeting
– Turning Blue:  My Path on the Appalachian Trail & Beyond
Board Member Don McNaughton gave a wonderful presentation of his adventures during his six month hike on the Appalachian Trail.  From his extensive preparation to his wonderful vistas, every aspect was inspiring.  Please visit the SPA 2017 Winter Newsletter for more information from Don’s presentation.


About Clean SwellSeptember 17, 2016 – International Coastal Cleanup
A day to clean the debris from the local beaches & coastal areas. Coordinated in Rhode Island by Save the Bay.  Coordinated in Little Compton by the Sogkonate Garden Club.  Items found on East & West Islands – buoys, mylar balloons, water bottles, rope.


osprey2016 – SPA Annual Meeting
Restoration of Osprey in Southern New England & Elsewhere
Speaker:  Alan Poole, Author of  Ospreys: A Natural & Un-Natural History (Click Here)

On a perfect July evening SPA’s 2016 Annual Meeting, featuring ornithologist Alan Poole as speaker, brought an enthusiastic crowd of members and supporters to the Sakonnet Golf Club Playhouse

Poole’s worldwide experience protecting osprey, focused primarily on Scotland and New England populations, held fascinating tales of near complete destruction and then recovery of the species following the ban of DDT.  His wonderful photos and the wide scope of his knowledge led to an extensive and thoughtful question and answer  session following his presentation, and made for a lively and informative evening celebrating conservation.

Mark your calendars now for our 2017 meeting on July 11. 28, 2016 – Winter Moths (Click Here)
Presenter:  Heather Flaubert, ERICD
Place Little Compton Community Center
Time: 6:00pm

SPA hosted the Eastern RI Conservation District’s Winter Moth Program.  This moth is an invasive pest introduced into North America from Europe. With no natural enemies, the winter moth population is exploding. These caterpillars are devastating Rhode Island trees, including fruit trees and backyard ornamentals. Come learn more about this pest and what steps you can take to protect your backyard trees, woodlots, and orchards, and reduce the extent of winter moth defoliation.


mt piping ploverNovember 14, 2015 – Piping Plovers (Click Here)
Sakonnet Preservation Association, the Little Compton Garden Club and The Nature Conservancy of RI (TNC) co-sponsored local wildlife photographer Geoff Dennis and TNC’s Science Program Assistant Jeanne Parente for an entertaining slideshow about the life of the charismatic Piping Plover and a discussion of the successes and challenges protecting them.


mothsNovember 12, 2015 – BioBlitz Results Click Here
The RI Natural History Survey staff returned to summarize the results of this past June’s BioBlitz gathering of local flora and fauna.  Hundreds of specimens were collected or observed by volunteers from near and far who spread out on the Ponderosa, the Dundery Brook Trail, Goosewing Beach and Quicksand Pond over a 24 hour period that started at 3 PM on June 12th.   Click here for more info.


IMG_1449 (2)July 7, 2015 – SPA Annual Meeting (click here) The Speaker was Chris Miller, Executive Director of Piedmont Environmental Council in Virginia. Click here for more info on Mr. Miller.




bobolinkApril 15, 2015 – The Dynamic Bobolink: Conservation Challenges & Opportunities in New England (Click Here) Dr. Noah Perlut, assistant professor at the University of New England, has spent years researching how field management practices affect grass-nesting birds, particularly Bobolinks.  This program was free and open to the public.  Sponsored by Sakonnet Preservation Association & Little Compton Garden Club.



BioBlitz logo2015 June – BioBlitz & Nature Day Came to Little Compton Over 1,200 species were identified.  The final results will be presented in the Fall.  Click here for more info.




2014 LTA Rally was in Providence!
Sakonnet Preservation Association was proud to be a member of the 2014 Rally Host Committee.  Click here for info from the 2014 event.

September 20, 2014 – International Coastal Cleanup
Thank you to all that participated and cleaned the debris from the local beaches & coastal areas.  Let’s keep cleaning throughout the winter!  The state-wide coordinator for this event was  Save the Bay.

Gathering at the Pond 9-6-14September 6, 2014 – Simmons Mill Pond
 We all enjoyed a fall tour or the Simmons Mill Pond Management Area in Little Compton with Roger & Gail Greene on Saturday, September 6, 2014 at 10:00am.  Click here for more activities during RI Land Trust Days.



 July 8, 2014 – SPA Annual Meeting (Click Here)J. Gwynne
Thank you to all who attended this wonderful evening listening to John Gwynne a local resident, gardener and internationally active conservation landscape architect.



kj both (2)April 30, 2014 – Technology Reveals Hidden New England Heritage
Katharine Johnson presented her research on Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR).  Click here to read an Article in Journal of Archaeological Science discussing her research.  Sponsors for this program were the Tiverton Land Trust & Sakonnet Preservation Association.



Connecting Corridors – Restoring Native Habitats One Native Plant at a Time
This was another wonderful informative event.   Thank you to all who attended this October 2013 presentation. Click here to view more details.

2013 LTA Rally InfoClick Here

monarch 2September 2013 – Butterfly Walk
Thank you to everyone who participated in the walk at the P.T. Marvell Preserve & Goosewing Farm on Saturday, September 21.  It was a glorious sunny day, even though there was a sightings of only one Monarch Butterfly. (click here to see photos of Monarchs at this property last year). This walk was  part of the statewide RI Land Trust Days, an effort by the RI Land Trust Council to introduce RI residents to publicly accessible conserved properties.  Sponsors of the walk were Sakonnet Preservation Association, The Nature Conservancy of RI and the Little Compton Agricultural Conservancy Trust.

September 2013 – International  Coastal Cleanup
The East & West Islands and other coastal areas of Little Compton are now clean of debris, thanks to many dedicated volunteers, and the efforts of the Sogkonate Garden Club, who coordinated the September 21st event in our town.

Jon Boothroyd Presentation – (Please click here to view his presentation)
Thank you to all that attended the SPA Annual Meeting on July 9th at the Sakonnet Golf Club.  It was an enjoyable & educational evening listening to RI State Geologist Jon Boothroyd speak about Sea Level Rise Impacts on Coastal Rhode Island.

Kids’ Fishing Day at the Ponderosa
For a fifth year, the SPA, Little Compton Grange & RIDEM joined forces to hold a special fishing day for children at the Ponderosa Pond in Little Compton.  DEM stocked the pond with approximately 250 trout.  The Grange supplied literature about Fishing Opening Day, fishing facts and other regulations.  While SPA provided the ideal location (SPA is owner of the Ponderosa property).  The event is also planned for April 2016

Fieldtrip to Audubon Center in Bristol, RI with Grade 2 Students
Each Spring, the Sakonnet Preservation Association sponsors a fieldtrip to the environmental center for the Wilbur & McMahon Schools’ Grade 2 students to learn about wetlands.  Member, Piper Hawes, has dedicated many years to this enjoyable program. See for more information about the Audubon Center in Bristol, RI.

Salmon in the Classroom
The Sakonnet Preservation Association sponsor a program for the students in the Wilbur & McMahon Schools that focuses on re-introducing salmon to the Pawcatuck River.  The eggs are delivered to the school, the students hatch the eggs and

nurture them until they are 2-3 inch “fry”,  (See Winter 2008 SPA Newsletter).  The students then drive to the river and set them free.  This program originated in the Connecticut region and was brought to our area through our former Board Member and fish-lover, Bob Wolter.  See for more info.

Letter from the President Abigail Brooks
Click on this link to view the SPA President’s letter to the membership regarding the permanence of conservation easements.

“Sakonnet Point Perspectives” Books
Authored by James C. Garman and Michelle Styger available through SPA and the LC Historical Society.  Packed with oral histories, color illustrations, maps and photos telling the history of Sakonnet Point from Native American times to the present.  For sale at the SPA Office and Art Cafe.

Volunteer Opportunities

Any interest in volunteering?   Monitor SPA Fee properties or assist with activities or serve on a Committee to the Board.  Call the SPA office at 635-8800 to volunteer.