Proudly celebrating our 44th year…  

MissionThe Sakonnet Preservation Association is dedicated to preserving the rural character and natural resources of Little Compton for the lasting benefit of the community.

Area Map – Click here to view a map of the Little Compton’s conserved areas with public access.  (This map does not include all conserved areas of Little Compton).



July 12, 2016 – SPA Annual Meeting
Speaker:  Alan Poole, Author of Ospreys: A Natural & Un-Natural History
Place:  Sakonnet Golf Club Playhouse
Time: 6:00pm


What is the Sakonnet Preservation Association, Inc.?

The Sakonnet Preservation Association, Inc. (SPA) was founded in 1972, the first private, non-profit land trust in Rhode Island.

SPA accepts tax deductible gifts of land and conservation easements as well as monetary contributions, gifts of securities, and bequests to further its mission of conserving and stewarding Little Compton’s natural landscapes and resources.

Over the years, our nonprofit organization has dedicated the efforts of its all volunteer Board of Directors to fulfilling the mission stated above. These efforts, supported entirely by annual membership donations and gifts as well as the generosity of donors of land and conservation easements, have resulted in the permanent preservation of over 60 properties totaling over 420 acres of Little Compton land.

Other helpful info:  Please click here to view “Building with Little Compton in Mind – A Handbook of Ideas and Resources”.